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Welcome to gljakal.com, home of the best freeware applications that save your time and help you stay organized!

Gljakal.com was originally created as a personal website in 2003 and has since evolved quite a bit. The very first program published was Clock, and it is still the most downloaded!

Many other programs have since followed, each one geared towards solving a specific need. Generally, I write utility applications that help me stay organized, like Clock, ToDo or WAYD, but occasionally I also release less serious stuff, like 3D Clock Screensaver or Irrlicht Font Maker. And then there are tools like Font Viewer or File Partitioner, that I wrote because I couldn't find anything on the net that either worked as I expected or wasn't a bloated piece of crap.

Feel free then, to browse my software collection to find the application that will help you save your time, be more productive or just relax!

Didn't find what you were looking for? Not a problem! You can always suggest a new application, or hire me to create what you need!



free software for managing your todo list, appointments, and more!

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Nov 29, 2009New software: gljakal’s WAYD

gljakal’s WAYD is the new software that helps you keep track of the time you spend in front of your computer. It does so in two ways: The first is by keeping track of what programs you use The second is by downright asking you! Every set amount of time, a full-screen window will pop up asking: “What are you doing?” You can then type in your answer or choose one of the latest answers you gave it.

Jan 22, 2008gljakal's ToDo 0.9.3 fix

I have updated gljakal's ToDo to fix a nasty bug that occurred when you tried to create a new todo list with the AdvancedStatus plugin disabled and the AutoBackup plugin enabled.

Dec 19, 2007New software - gljakal's Sql Exporter

Gljakal's Sql Exporter extracts tables, views, stored procedures and triggers from your database and saves them as individual text files.

Oct 26, 2007gljakal's ToDo version 0.9.3

Finally! Today I am releasing the new, improved version of gljakal's ToDo:
New version highlights: ...



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