Wow! you have just downloaded 1000 fonts for your PC, but you know you'll need only 10 of them!

Opening each font file to view its content is quite boring... and extremely time-consuming! When this happened to me, I had no doubt on what i should have done, so I created this little app. Its function is very simple: given a folder, it will show you all the fonts it contains.

You'll never again spend hours and hours evaluating the fonts you've downloaded!

If you are serious about fonts, FontViewer is perfect for you!

How to use

Simply choose the drive and directory where the font files are located. They will appear on the right, with their file names.

Click one file to preview the specified font in the bottom window. You can change the sample text, its size, make it bold or italic.

When you notice a font you like, press the "install" button to install it. Now you can use this font into any text editor, like Microsoft word or OpenOffice Write.

File Partitioner



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