gljakal's To Do

In a world where we never have time for anything, where our projects have to be ready for yesterday, where we have so much things to do that can't really fit into our brains, being well-organized is the only way to stay calm, relaxed and productive. Gljakal's to do is an easy to use program to keep track of the things you have to do. It is so simple that you'll actually use it!
Simple of course does not mean that gljakal's to do is not powerful. This little program has lots of features that can be used with great profit even by non-experts in a matter of minutes!
Whatever you need to organize, gljakal's to do is the perfect tool!


gljakal's To Do

Gljakal's To Do is perfect for:

Gljakal's To Do needs the Microsoft .net framework, version 1.1 in order to run. If you have Windows XP SP2 you should already have it installed, otherwise you can download it from Microsoft.

Gljakal's To Do


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